Swakopmund and its surroundings offer a vast variety of different kinds of activities, be it cultural and culinary, action-packed with lots of adrenaline highs, or educational and adventurous. Our staff is ready to assist our guests with the planning and booking of their activities to make their stay over at the contrastive Atlantic coast a once in a lifetime experience.


The Namib Desert, the oldest in the world, is reputed to house some of the largest dunes on this planet, ideal for the enthusiastic sand boarder. This activity is conducted between 09h30 and 13h30


Free fall at 200km/h and experience the feeling of human flight, your instructor then opens the parachute and you get to fly over the oldest Desert in the world. Pure adrenaline!


Enjoy an informative outing to the Aquarium which features a large transparent tank with a glass walk through-tunnel

Dolphin Cruise

Experience the thrill of dolphins leaping alongside the boat, seals fed by hand and have a champagne breakfast with fresh oysters on the calm waters of the Walvis Bay Lagoon. Time: 08h30


What a thrill to be able to ride a bike up a dune, never could we have imagined it until the arrival of the fat bike! On our Scenic Desert Tour, you take in the silence and breathtaking scenery of the oldest desert in the world while feeling the fresh coastal air and enjoying the thrill of cycling up and down Namibia's famous dunes. Tours start every day from 8h30, 11h00, and 14h30

Horse Riding

Explore the desert by horseback; taking out-rides into the bush vegetation of the Swakopmund Riverbed and along the Moon landscape or along the beach or sand dunes. Times: 11h00 and 16h45

Sea Kayaking

Experience the splendour of our beautiful wetlands and offshore coastal areas from the unique vantage of the sea kayak. Tours are led by an experienced, licensed guide and only certified, seaworthy kayaks are used. There is a minimum of 2 participants. Times: 06h45 - 13h30

Bites and Brews

Local products are trendy, more sustainable, creative and fun. Discover some of the products grown and prepared by passionate locals. Discover the secrets of the ancient Jojoba oil, the endemic !Nara oil and visit an olive grove, taste our local coffee, craft beer, and gin while snacking on some delicious local snacks. Times: 14h00 to 18h00.

Quad biking

Experience the sheer thrill of riding a four wheeled motorbike through Namibia's boundless expanse of shifting sand dunes along a route of approximately 35km


Shore or boat options are available. Good catches can be expected all year round. The following species can be caught: Kabeljou, Steenbras, Barbel, Galjoen, Garrick and various sharks. Experienced skipper and guide on board. Time: 08h15 till 13h00

Camel Rides

Enjoy a fun-filled afternoon experiencing true desert automation. All rides start at the camel farm 5 km outside of Swakopmund

Living Desert Tour

The Living Desert Tour is a unique 4x4 adventure which specialises in bringing the desert to life while sharing its awesome beauty with travelers from all over the world. The coastal dune belt may seem barren and lifeless to many people, but in fact it is alive with a fascinating variety of little desert-adapted animals, which are able to survive on the life-giving fog which consistently rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean.